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Systems to support your improvement
Standardised work Flow

GLAS Business Solutions provide commercial support and training packages to improve efficiency and productivity, and to introduction a Continuous Improvement culture in businesses and organisations.

Following on from support or training it is important to develop standardised work practices to ensure long term success and future growth. GLAS Business Solutions support organisations to develop, implement and maintain standardised working procedures.

ISO 9001

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world's largest developer and publisher of International Standards. ISO 9001 is the quality standard relating to quality management systems and, in particular, the measurement, analysis and improvement of quality systems.

GLAS Business Solutions provide training and support to allow organisations to audit and improve their quality management systems to ISO 9001 standard.

Quality management systems are essential to enable organisations to view performance and focus on specific areas for improvement. Our systems fall into two categories:

Using data to tackle the core quality issues within your organisation; to reduce the cost of poor quality and achieve improved systems, products and ultimately, performance. Bespoke are systems created to provide maximum benefit to each individual organisation.

Developing and implementing standardised work practices to:
Data Analysis

GLAS Business Solutions work with your IT specialists to locate and transform data into meaningful information. We access and utilise existing data where possible to create management information.

Data gained is used to measure your business activity and performance over three key areas - Quality, Cost, Delivery (QCD).

Automated Systems

Our systems allow organisations to automate and streamline their processes for increased efficiency and quality management.

Where data doesn't exist we create the ability to capture data, from automatic data gathering, manual entry and interfacing into legacy systems to provide bespoke and sustained improvements.